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Service Ontario : Brand Story

Giving Service Ontario some personality.


Through a course at George Brown College, I chose to create a new campaign for a seemingly dull brand : Service Ontario.


The desire was to give Service Ontario a personality; creating a personal set of copy and social media posts that could connect viewers directly to the brand.

I began with creating a "why we exist" statement to understand where this campaign would go. Then, created a tagline to inspire the rest of campaign with 3 simple words : Register for Life.

Register for life was inspired by the idea that Service Ontario exists to serve Ontarians as they navigate various transitions and important moments in their life like getting a driver's license, getting married, or simply renewing a health card.

From there, I wrote a brand story for Service Ontario.

We don’t have a fancy name, because we want to be direct. 

We are Service Ontario, your service spot for all things—life


You’re growing up. It’s time to get your license. Mom and Dad might not like it, but you’re old enough now.


You’re in love. It’s time to put it in writing with a marriage certificate. You might not have it all together, but together, you might just have it all.


It’s hard to get things done. We understand there’s a lot to do. But let us make the important things as easy as can be—like renewing your health card online.


You are complex and here to live a full life, let us help you do that. We are Service Ontario and are here to provide Ontarians with a reliable way to make your transitions simpler, dreams clearer, and every day easier.

For the social media aspect of the campaign, I took the "make your transitions simpler, dreams clearer, and every day easier" line from the story and used it for 3 different social media videos.

The videos show case real people talking about their life transitions, dreams, and every day life and how they overcame challenges and were supported by Service Ontario. 

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