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Ice Cream Packaging : Contest

2nd Place in Pigeon Design/Metro Packaging Contest.


Through George Brown College, I was able to participate in a Metro packaging design contest with Pigeon Brands. We were to design 2 packages for a new oat milk ice cream product. There were guidelines in place like a logo, colours, and words to be used.


My work was submitted with 30 others to the next step in the competition, eventually coming second place.

This design uses playfulness and sophistication and blends the two seamlessly to attract customers to pick it up and take a closer look.

The illustrations are mixed with high quality photos to display the product inside but also create a sense of joy when looking at the package.

The illustration theme and style I chose represents the importance of these products being plant based. The brand is getting back to basics with healthy ingredients you can recognize. So with the vine, leaf, and stem illustrations, these treats are designed to look like they are being pulled right out of the ground as they are made with plant-based ingredients. 


The OOH billboard continues the brand identity with the same illustrations, photos, and fonts to ensure consistency.  The header copy was created to be simple and make a quick impact as viewers are driving by. The “choosing healthy is only natural” slogan was chosen to highlight the healthiness of these products and make it clear to customers that this choice is easy.

For these Instagram posts, the hand photos and illustrations are added to show a customer engaging with the product and holding it as if they were pulling it fresh from the garden.


The copy is written to highlight that these products are plant-based and healthy attracting a customer audience who love frozen treats but want to make smarter choices.


These ads are encouraging viewers that the healthier choice doesn’t have to be difficult.

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