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Helping Hands Film Poster

Helping Hands Street Mission  


Through friendship-based support, Helping Hands provides support and relationships for those dealing with social, financial and spiritual poverty.

I was approached recently by their film team to create a film poster for the documentary they recently made and submit


The request was to take still images from the film and create emerged effect to showcase the hands and the silhouette.

The focus of the documentary is Chris. Chris is someone who was being unfairly pushed out of the home he lived in and found himself living in a tent in thee the park. He was able to find support and friendship at Helping Hands. Throughout the film, the imagery of hands un-tying another hand from a tree is used to represent how homelessness and other struggles like it can be an impossible web to get out of on your own.

It was important to showcase Chris in this poster and his red scarf that he always wears. Keeping the scarf red and the rest grey, helps highlight this and adds a hopeful contrast to the dark world around.

Film images used

Film Details:

Presented by  Helping Hands Street Mission    

Directed by Jacob Nussbaum 

Produced by  Jacob Nussbaum  and  Lauren Galenkamp   

Editing by  Thorne Harte  

Sound Editing  by John Challinor

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